Enjoy The View EP 2019

Enjoy The View EP 2019

Recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Chicago, 2011. Remixed by Sylvia Massy in 2019. David E. Richman on drums, and Rich Bennett on bass guitar. I was in the middle of a big ass breakup and a move to California when we recorded this. Steve was awesome. He and I mixed it together in like a day and a half, and it kinda sucked. Thankfully, Sylvia made me love it again. Heavy record. I love it. 

Self-Titled Double LP 2018

Self-Titled Double LP 2018

This one took two years. Basics at Tiny Telephone with Jacob Winik and Jason Slota. Then months and months in my basement. Lots of versions. Dedicated to my mom. Kinda going for that 70's double LP vibe. I think it worked.  WE TOURED A BUNCH ON IT. It got nice reviews. The vinyl smells really good. 



• The new Tiny Telephone Oakland
• Dave Richman flew in from NYC
• Massive drum sounds here

David Bowie's death inspired me to revisit loud pop. Maybe? John Vanderslice was opening Tiny Telephone II, in Oakland, and had some stupid cheap deal on weeks. Jacob Winik and me got a week, I flew Dave Richman out from NYC, and asked a friend's husband Harris Pitman to play bass. My nephew Devon flew out and did some assistant engineering as well as a bunch of video of this session. If I knew then what I know now about how to promote, I would have spent a little time with this one. Some of my favorite songs of the past 10 years on this nugget. Especially 'forever is plenty of time' which was me trying to sing like sting in the 70s. And my friend Sean Murphy wrote the lyrics to On The Fence (With You). SLICK. 'Simplicity complex' and 'Ruby' were done with Steve Sutherland on drums in boulder COlorado back in 2010 under the name 'slurry bombers'. They just seemed to fit on this record.



• A great quicky
• 1st recordings by The RPs
• Recorded in Brooklyn

Rich Bennett opened Acme Hall Studio in Brooklyn and the three of us flew to NYC for a spirited few days laying down 5 songs. We finished 4 of them. There's one I never liked sitting somewhere on a hard drive. Great bagels in Park Slope. Rich and I have always had a brotherly tension. It definitely came to a head here a bit. I learned a lot. I'm glad he and me had it out years later. You should check out the podcast episode between us if you like studio nerdery.  Still have a few cassettes of this: hit me up, yo.

THE 21 DAY MYTH (2014)

A song a day

• Recorded in a basement dump
• Another break up LP
• Quality may vary

The 21 day myth was some article I read about how you *CAn't* break any habit in 21 days. So I wrote, recorded, mixed, and finished a song a day for 21 days. A relationship was imploding but I kinda was feeling hopeful about the future anyway. Some of these songs were basically demos for The Royal Panics anyway. I THINK 'THE TALK GOES STIFF' is actually me rewriting 'WE CAN'T DANCE' by GENESIS. That match pack picture was taken at Thee Parkside in SF which as of this writing is in danger of disappearing forever. 2020 sucks.



• Played all the things
• Recorded to my 1/2 inch 8 track
• Tracked in my SF loft