Feature: American Pride Magazine'Through his new release “Messed up world”, Hoy exposes viewers to the juxtaposition of wild fun with the containment of the creative spirit that so many artists are encountering due to the pandemic. Since Greg says that live music is “mindfulness without even trying” it makes sense that the theme of his newest music would be self-described as “self-reflection and motivation during these times of severe isolation and disconnection.'"

Review: 'Cacophony' Track by Track on Twitter by Allie L.  or check it out over here.

Interview: The Sound Won't Stop on 'Cacophony (Part 1) -  'A wonderously vivacious brand of pop-rock has the ability to invade your brain and take it over and all with the greatest of ease. The EP packs one hell of a youthful rock n' roll punch and each song seems to compliment the last the more you dig in. And we advise you to dig in. The noted single dubbed "Messed Up World" is a colorful indie rock romp complete with with an edgy attitude and a chorus that you'll be singing long after it's ended.  Quirky and tasteful guitars riddle the track with added spirit and it's hard to get enough.'

Interview: Divide & Conquer -  'Making stuff keeps me grounded and connected. I'd posit intense creativity is the only thing that's going to save the species. People need to tap into their own artistic selves and get back to doing things with their hands. I don't mean Instagram posts and cat.gifs (even though those things are fun).'

Interview: Greg & drummer Jason Slota at BHW - 'My brain works in a way that gets me lot of highs from making music.'

Interview: Pro Media MaG - 'We’re in an age where everyone’s reactionary. Everyone’s lizard brain is being bombarded. Yet by taking the time to live with a piece of art — a full album, a 90 minute movie, a book — we expand our minds and our outlooks.'

Interview: American Pride Magazine - 'There is a real language and community that music transcends. My wife and I were in New Zealand recently and any time we were in a bar with a live band, I instantly had an in to chatting, hanging out, and communicating. I mean, they speak English so it’s not like it was super far fetched. But I think you know what I mean.'

Podcast Interview: Greg talks jerks with Jacqueline Jax.