Drop the needle anywhere & you're greeted with Hoy's trademark meaty, dirt-discharging guitars & swaggering Mick Jagger/David Johansen-like growl. ” - Jack Rabid, Big Takeover
Catchy, fiery, and most importantly, rebellious” - Ratings Game
'Loud & boisterous, delivered with attitude & flashes of wit' ” - Stepkid

Greg Hoy gets it. The multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and record label owner’s latest release “Cacophony” is a great collection of very catchy songs. The first EP has six songs that are smart, pop radio friendly, and funky with melodies so infectious you’ll find yourself singing along to most of them before they are over. – The Wrecka Stow 

New single 'Messed Up World' starring Septymber & Anna Copa Cabanna

Cacophony [Parts I & II]

Greg Hoy

Written June 4-6th 2020 by GH in The Secret Garage. Committed to 2 inch tape June 6-12th 2020 @ Tiny Telephone, Oakland. Thank you to the team: Ian Miller (bass guitar, soldering iron), Jason Slota (drums), Jacob 'Temperature Check' Winik (engineer / tape op). Mixed July 3rd 2020 by Jacob + GH. Mastered by Steve Turnidge. All songs BMI / Hi Glo Tunz [Greg Hoy]

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